Sport-Elite is a private riding club involving people who want to revive the culture of horseback riding in Ukraine.

"Sport-Elite" is located in Koncha Zaspa area, on the bank of Kozynka river, next to the National Landscape Park. Our riding club has excellent natural conditions where people interact with the nature without intermediaries and troubles.

"Sport-Elite" has more than 15 years of successful experience of teaching horseback riding, has a long history of its sport victories and was an initiator of the first national competitions organized with european officials. We started first with adaptation of the best practices of European experts, schools and clubs.

"Sport-Elite" is a union of horseowners who love horses and do everything for their welfare. For this reason they also work on improving themselves as the riders.

"Sport-Elite" is a team of qualified coaches who regularly undergo training in the best equestrian schools in Germany.

FIRST CHILDREN RIDING SCHOOL – Education of character, teaching kindness and developing strength. More...

HOBBY CLASS program is designed for those riders who are just discovering the joy of communication with a horse or want to maintain their physical condition with the help of the horses. More...
SPORT CLASS program involves professional riders and horses participating in the national and international competitions. More...

The stable of the club contains 18 boxes with modern equipment and solarium for the horses. The club has an outdoor and indoor arenas, which allow us to train and hold competitions throughout the year. There are also private beach, summer terrace for recreation, club room, a gym with exercise machines. In summer we can ride in the fields and swim with horses in the river.

"Sport-Elite" cooperates on the regular base with the best foreign and domestic breeders, trainers, veterinarians, blacksmiths .

Subscription for membership depends on whether you have your own horse or use the school horse, and other conditions. If necessary we have horses to rent.


The club offers three programs for the training: