Sport-Elite is a private riding club involving people who want to revive the culture of horseback riding in Ukraine.


Education of character, teaching kindness and developing strength. A child learns how to ride a horse properly, how to care for the horse and takes part in the competitions for children.


Equestrian sport is an education a character, spiritual development, as well as the sea of kindness and sincerity.

For a child it is important to know: as much you give the world - the same amount you get back. And this is not a material contribution. The way the child treats the living creature, the way he works and feels with the horses -- same feelings he receives from them. Children learn to feel nature, to understand it and, most importantly, manage it and get a tremendous return. This way the children acquire knowledge, trust, care, self-confidence and love. For this reason horsebackriding has always been an integral part of aristocratic upbringing.


Children’s riding school «Sarah & Lu» is a part of the riding club "Sport-Elit" and is a new direction of the club activity.
Horseback riding lessons for children are always held in the indoor arena, and during these lessons other horses are not entering.
Children spend enough time in the stables, helping older riders and watching them work. In summer you can swim with a pony in the river, or get him in the field.
In winter we are more engaged in the theory. To do this we have a class where we can watch the video, discuss the training and learn some new knowledge.


The program of work with children includes three levels of difficulty. The first level is a familiarity with the ponies. It is designed for very young children. Children communicate with animals and learn how to care for them. The second level based on the work on the lunge. At this stage we build the future seat of the rider and children learn three types of the gaits - walk, trot, and canter. On the third level children can ride independently, learn figures of dressage and jump single obstacles. Children can participate in competitions starting from the second level.

Work with horses involves riding, theoretical lessons, lessons for horse care and equipment care. Before you sit on a pony you must first clean it, comb, put on the saddle, lead to the arena. After lesson you have to to clean the hooves, to remove equipment, bring the horse back to the stable. Otherwise, real contact with the horse will be incomplete.

Little members of the club are fully involved in the life of the stable. They know our sport horses, they watch them in the training, and the riders from the sport department help children to prepare for the competitions for children.

At all three levels we offer classes for general fitness. We teach children to understand what is sport. Sport is a discipline and cooperation in a team, striving for spiritual harmony through physical self-improvement. Each athlete must be able to freely control the body and be free in mind, and every rider should care more about a harmonious relationship with his horse. The rider and the horse are a team. But in this teamwork everything starts from the rider. General physical training prepare the athlete to control his horse. This will allow us to make training more effective and safe.


The structure for training for the children in our club is designed on the basis of German and French systems and with participation of the foreign specialists.

Children's school has reliable horses and ponies with a balanced and friendly attitude towards children.

Riding lessons are made by the riders of sport department. Each child has his coach. The club has strict rules for compliance with safety regulations.


To start your riding training you have to have the desire, the time, and serious attitude. The necessary equipment is the following: breeches, helmet, boots with chaps, gloves.


Every child must attend the training two-three times per week. Each training leson lasts 1 hour. Everyone has to realize the seriousness of intent. Riding is a sport, it is not only a pleasure.

The first lesson we offer free.

Enrollment is based on interviews with the child and parents. The cost of subscription - 400 euros per month (prepaid quarterly).


The club offers three programs for the training: