Sport-Elite is a private riding club involving people who want to revive the culture of horseback riding in Ukraine.


Training system for adults. 2 types of subscription: riding and maintenance of your own horse or training with the club horse.

HOBBY CLASS program is designed for those riders who are just discovering the joy of communication with a horse or want to maintain their physical condition with the help of the horses. Some people prefer learning the nature through a horse rather than persuading any sport ambitions. They want to feel the horse, to care about the horse and to make their soul one horsepower richer. So this class is for such people.

Hobby class training program will teach you:

  • to sit on a horse in a right way;
  • to enjoy the riding;
  • to understand the needs of a horse and understand your own character better;
  • to ride into the fields, swim with the horse in the river;
  • to learn how to control the horse in a critical and unexpected situations;
  • to learn how to care about the horse and its equipment, how to saddle the horse, etc.
  • to prepare for the first professional achievements in amateurs competitions.

Each training is not just riding in the arena or in the field. Training begins with communication and care about the horse (clean, comb, saddle). Members of he club are involved in the life of he stable. They watch the training of the riders of sport department and they follow us to support the team in the competitions

Head coach of the club is Friedhelm Königsfeld (Germany). The riders of sport department are trained by him in Ukraine and in Germany. The riders of hobby class department are trained by him and by the riders of sport department.


First of all you need the desire and time. May be the desire is more important because we always find time when we want something too much. Then you need special equipment such as a helmet, a safety vest, riding breeches, and shoes or boots. Employees of the Club will help you choose and find where to buy the necessary equipment.


1. Training with your horse

If you have already your horse we can keep him in our stable where the horse has a first-class daily care: feeding, veterinary services, shoeing, and daily training to keep the horse fit. Each horse has individual training program designed together with our head coach and the owner of the horse. The horse is ridden in this case only by the owner and the trainer assigned to your project.

Your training lessons are planned according to your wishes and possibilities, but your horse has regular training with our rider and always in good condition and ready to ride with you any time!  

2. Training with our horses

If you have not yet your own horse, we can offer you one of our school horses for training. Then you can have your own schedule for training lessons and time to decide whether you need your own horse and if yes – what type of the horse is better for you.

If you really want to learn to ride properly we recomment to attend the training lessons at least three times per week.  

All riding lessons in our club are done with individual trainer.


The club offers three programs for the training: